Frequently Asked Questions

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Login / Create an Account

When you first browse the app, it will ask you to create an account in order to use some of the features. You can login with Facebook, Instagram or use your name and email.


There are a few ways to explore surf spots around the world 1) Click on the magnifying glass to search by name or region, or 2) Click on the cross-hair icon to search for spots near you, 3) Search around the map, 4) click on the icon to see a list of spots near you


You can add favorites by clicking on the star icon in the upper right hand corner of a spot name. All of your favorites, can be found if you click on the star icon in the lower navigation


We have highly customizable alert settings for all of your spots. You can add an alert manually by clicking on the bell icon, OR you can create an alert on the fly when looking at the forecast or historical swell detail view. When the yellow line is on the forecast day and you click the alert icon, you can create an alert with those parameters or adjust as needed

Alert % Match

Depending on how many factors you set in your alert, our algorithms will help you figure out the probability that your spot matches your ideal conditions for any given day.

Historical Data

We've loaded historical surf, swell, weather, etc data back to the beginning of 2017 for you to see seasonal trends or find days when it was firing in the past to help you set an alert for when those conditions might happen again.


We are committed to keeping your data private. If you have any more questions about our privacy policies, you can browse our our Terms and Conditions at


We're a team of Southern California surfers just looking to create better tools using data and algorithms

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